Autumn Dinner in honour of the Governor General of Grenada

London, November 2015. The Annual Autumn Dinner of the Constantinian Order was held at the historic Armourers’ Hall in London on 9 November 2015 and was hosted by HE Anthony Bailey, in his capacity of Delegate for Great Britain and Ireland and Delegate for the Caribbean of the Constantinian Order.

The Guests of Honour were the Governor General of Grenada, HE Dame Cécile La Grenade, GCMG, OBE, the Prior of the British & Irish Delegation of the Constantinian Order, His Eminence Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, STL, PhL, and The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, CH.

Anthony Bailey delivered a welcome address, speaking of the successful and first ever Official Visit to the Holy See of Grenada. He gave an overview of the charitable and international activities of the Delegation and Constantinian Order. This included reports on the recent Official Visit made by the Cardinal Grand Prior to Grenada in June 2015 and the launch of a multi million dollar programme of charitable engagement now underway in the country.

During her speech, the Governor General spoke warmly of the positive and prominent role that the Constantinian Order now has in Grenada and also of the significant contribution made to charitable projects in the areas of education, national patrimony, social welfare and community outreach. The Governor General remarked on her recent Official Visit to Pope Francis and the recent Official Visit paid by the Cardinal Grand Prior to Grenada and paid tribute to those for championing the cause of the Caribbean among the Order’s members and other groups. Her Excellency also formally launched the appeal for the restoration of Government House in Grenada.

The Company of Pikemen & Musketeers were in attendance and offered the ceremonial guard throughout the evening.

Among the one hundred guests present during the event were Their Excellencies The High Commissioners of Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago, Their Excellencies The Ambassadors to the Court of St James’s of the Holy See, the Slovak Republic, Kosovo and Venezuela, The Baroness Howells of St David’s, OBE, Mr & Mrs Steven Wilkinson, Mr & Mrs Christian Sweeting, Major General Jonathan Hall, Commander Andrew Wallis, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr Leroy Langaigne, Aide-de-Camp to HE The Governor General of Grenada, CPL Detective Mr Lindon McIntyre, His Excellency Archbishop Antonio Mennini, Apostolic Nuncio to the Court of St James’s, Mr Andrew Rogers, The Rt Hon Lord Murphy of Torfaen, The Hon Sir Peter Caruana, QC, The Rev Canon Christopher Tuckwell, Administrator of Westminster Cathedral, The Rev Msgr Vincent Brady, Private Secretary to HE The Apostolic Nuncio to the Court of St James’s, The Rev Fr Michael Seed, SA, Mr John Kennedy, CBE, Mr Andrew Rogers, Mr Richard Model, Mr John McIntosh, CBE, Mr Kevin Grant, Mrs Dana Reháková, Alderman and Mrs John Garbutt, Monsignor Roger Reader, Professor Dr Peter Loew, Ms Clara Loidl, Mr Jörg Rieker, Ms Mara Zarges, Colonel Enno Bernzen, Mrs Claudia Bernzen, Judge Patrick Durcan, Mrs Patrick Durcan, Mr Patrick D S Durcan, Mr & Mrs Joseph Byllam Barnes, Mrs Ann Willis, Mr Michael Harrington, Dr Nicola Pedroni, Mr Stephen Hart, Professor Sarah Rogers, Mr Paul Herriott, Dr Jordan Lancaster, Mr Yosvani Ortega Faure, Mr James Drabble, Mrs Elizabeth Thornborough, Mr and Mrs Colm Flood, Mr & Mrs Paul Foster, Mr Robert Luck, Father Hugh Logan, Mr Patrick Newman, Mr & Mrs Renard Sylvester, Mr & Mrs Desmond Sylvester, Mr & Mrs Dexter Charles, Mr & Mrs Wayne Hector, Mrs Herle Vector, Dr Xhoana Papakostandini, Ms Alexandra Graff and Mr Talat Gokdemir.

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