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Public Affairs

Sir Anthony Bailey is Chairman of Anthony Bailey Limited.
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Art & Culture

In 1999 Sir Anthony Bailey was appointed Executive Chairman of Painting & Patronage – a prominent cultural and educational exchange programme between Europe and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Sir Anthony Bailey has a keen interest in education issues and holds several roles in both the secondary and higher education sector in Britain.
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Inter – Religious

Since 1988, Sir Anthony Bailey has held numerous roles which aim to foster greater inter-religious understanding between the followers of all faiths.
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Anthony Bailey is active in promoting the charitable aims and fundraising needs for numerous charitable organisations across Britain and the wider international community.

Between 2011-2015 Anthony was appointed to the UK Board of Cooperation Ireland which works to underpin political agreement on the island of Ireland by building positive relationships at community level, both within Northern Ireland and between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, through the promotion of mutual understanding and co-operation.

He is also an active committee member of Britain’s largest centre for the homeless The Passage since 2001, and until 2011 was a Director of the Forthspring Inter-Community Group which works to foster ties between the divided communities of Northern Ireland.

Among other organisations he has assisted are:

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